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Männer Ready to Wear – Piqué-Poloshirt aus massiver Baumwolle für Männer – Poloshirt – Palatine – Orange – X

Towards the end of pregnancy, you reach a point where even maternity clothes do not fit over your ever expanding stomach. This is when you see women begin to wear their husband’s shirts, or just completely give up and let their stomachs hang out. It is an uncomfortable stage, and you certainly won’t be a fashionista during this time, but be grateful it only will last a few weeks.

Once pregnancy is over, you think you will immediately be able to get back into your much missed old clothing, but many women still need to wear their maternity clothes for a few weeks while their body readjusts. Don’t fret, though, because it won’t last for long. Within a few weeks you should at least be able to wear pants that button once again!

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